Top 4 Ways To Use Activated Charcoal


 Activated charcoal is actually charcoal from wood or other materials that have been exposed to high temperature in an airtight environment.  In order to increase its adsorption to different substances, it is reheated with gas to make it into a fine powder. It has a characteristic odorless smell and it is tasteless.

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When most people think of charcoal, they think of summertime and grilling on and open fire. Although those are great ways to associate the product (because let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a good old- fashioned grilled burger), there are many other health benefits that the product can be used for.

History has it that charcoal was used for many healing purposes by Egyptians. Over the years, its glory was lost but rediscovered after it was backed scientifically as a good antidote for toxins, overdose and for oral treatment.

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Let us check out some of its amazing uses.

1.Whitening of teeth.

Many times we wish our teeth could be like those of the people we see in a toothpaste commercial. It’s a wonderful feeling, to confidently smile in front of your dream guy and speak to her without the fear of bad breath. The nature of your teeth most times defines the kind of person you are.

Activated charcoal changes the pH balance in the mouth, thereby preventing cavities in the teeth, bad breath and diseases of the gums. It also whitens the teeth by sending its enemies(germs) to jail, by adsorbing plaque and tiny molecules of food that causes teeth stains.

How to use:

  • Wet your toothbrush
  • Dip into powdered activated charcoal
  • Brush teeth and pay attention to areas that have staining signs
  • Goggle mouth with water and spit to rinse mouth.

So as earlier mentioned to achieve your pretty, bright smile with all those sparkles we are made to believe in commercials, activated charcoal is indeed a cheap and effective choice.

As a precaution, stay away from activated charcoal when you react adversely to this substance and also stay clear of your clothing especially brightly colored ones.

Side Note: There is a great activated charcoal powder by active-wow which also contains coconut-oil which is also beneficial for teeth whitening.

  1. As face wash for treatment of acne.

Acne is an enemy of everybody.  The constant pinching and scratching and cursing must have affected its life to the way it has affected ours. At some point in our life, we may have received a punishment from this menace.  The worst part of this enemy of ours is that due to the so much attention and fighting it receives it often leaves a scar. Oily skin has the most risk of acne. Activated charcoal works by the principle of absorption. Activated charcoal absorbs impurities and cleans the pores on the face so that the microbial which causes acne is removed. Activated charcoal is beneficial for, insect bites, snake bites and even body odour. It’s ability to bind to environmental toxins and dirt, makes it a good choice to get rid of acne.

How to use:

  • Get a bowl and a stirrer
  • Add one teaspoon of fine activated charcoal and a small quantity of mild liquid soap or aloe Vera gel
  • Add a very small quantity of water and completely mix
  • Pour in a clean bottle and store.
  • Use as face

Side Note: There are also commercially sold face washes with activated charcoal in them such as: the Biore charcoal cleanser and yes to tomatoes clarifying charcoal cleanser face wash.

Activated charcoal cleanses the pores and reduces oiliness thus prevents acne.

Charcoal has been seen to give your face a glowing texture, a clearer looking skin and also maintains your complexion as well. Evidence also shows that it is effective in treating premature signs of aging, by giving you a smooth skin free from wrinkles. It also tightens open pores, reduces swelling and inflammation and by its adsorption it traps impurities from the surface of your skin making them look brighter.

As a precaution, when you notice persistent acne and no sign of improvement or you notice continuous skin irritation to activated charcoal, stop its use and also visit a doctor if symptoms persist.

  1. As an overall detox

Detoxification sounds like a big word. But it gets friendlier when we say that activated charcoal can be used generally to remove toxins. Really adding “de” to most words signals removal. Well let’s not digress, let’s focus on the roles activated charcoal plays in detoxification.

  • Water treatment

We are always encouraged to drink plenty of water daily. Most times though, our drinking water is toxic filled with chemicals and toxins that could poison you, Activated charcoal filters have proven to be a success in combating this problem. Activated charcoal is also used in water purification, for its ability to remove fluoride which is detrimental to our liver and kidneys. Activated charcoal can also trap industrial wastes and pesticides by its absorption. This is no doubt helpful because A polluted water will kill in seconds. There are a few commercially sold water treatments containing activated charcoal.

  • Emergency

Due to our ignorance, we may think that taking an overdose of let’s say aspirin, will boost its effectiveness in our body. Most times this action leads to death but if you are lucky only poisoning. Well, something can be done to help save the person, and that is by the use of activated charcoal. Even if an overdose is purposeful or accidental or due to ignorance, activated charcoal can get rid of the medications. Pesticides, fertilizer, acid, bleach can bind to activated charcoal surface in a process known as absorption.

  • Git and mold cleansing

Activated charcoal removes toxins from the system and maintains a healthy digestive tract. It is also used for cleaning of mold which is the cause of many irritations and also a failure of kidney and liver. It is also beneficial during food poisoning.

  1. As a cure for a hangover

After spending a good time with friends doing some shots and getting drunk, the body pays you back for your troubles with a hangover, and sometimes alcohol poisoning results. Many people may have had episodes they do not want to remember.  Well, the answer is activated charcoal.

A study shows that taking alcohol with activated charcoal reduces the concentration of alcohol in the blood and prevents a hangover.  Activated charcoal helps to quickly remove alcohol from the body when administered to a drunk friend. In the case of alcohol poisoning, activated charcoal helps to remove from the body, toxins which may also be due to mixers in the drink. My article on Hangover cures goes a little further into the explanation on how to use it for these kinds of nights; as well as, a recipe for activated charcoal lemonade.

We hope that this article is very helpful and that you would look on with respect whenever you get to see charcoal lying around. With a little bit of heating that so-called waste product from wood could become a lifesaver.

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