How to Make Antiviral Tea


 Due to changing weather conditions throughout the year it’s so easy to catch colds and flu every now and then. However, there are many antiviral herbs available that are considered perfect to stop and prevent the dispersion of viruses. These herbs are also known for fighting infections and giving a boost to the immune system. The anti-inflammatory properties of these herbs make them effective against acne as well.

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With so many perceived and proven benefits of such antiviral herbs, you must already be thinking how you can take advantage of these. Well, antiviral tea is probably the best option you have to incorporate these herbs into your diet regimen. And if you don’t know how to prepare it, let’s have a look at its simple and easy recipe.

Antiviral Tea Recipe

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  • 8-12 oz distilled or filtered water
  • 1 tea bag cat’s claw tea
  • 1 tea bag oregano tea
  • 2 teaspoons elderberry syrup (preferably with Echinacea)
  • 1 dropper Astragalus extract
  • 1 dropper olive leaf extract
  • Raw honey to taste
  • Lemon (optional)

Steps To Follow

  1. Boil 8-12 oz of distilled water.
  2. Dip tea bags of cat’s claw tea and oregano tea in it for 3-6 minutes.
  3. Let the tea cool down slightly and then add remaining ingredients.
  4. Stir and drink.

What Are The Benefits?

Well, now that you know how to prepare antiviral tea, let’s take a look at how it will benefit you. Below is a list of all ingredients with the benefits they can deliver.

  1. Distilled Or Filtered Water

Distilled water helps in eliminating any water borne toxins and impurities from your body. It helps prevent various diseases caused by these impurities.

  1. Cat’s Claw Tea (Uncaria tomentosa)

It’s a woody vine which grows in the Amazon rainforest. The plant’s bark is ground into a powder which has many medical advantages. Its root boosts human immune system and helps avoid many medical conditions. Besides, its anti-inflammatory characteristics heal different skin conditions like cold sore or acne.

  1. Oregano

It’s a flowering plant from the mint family. It can help heal different viral infections. Additionally, allergies, tumors, parasites and inflammation can also be cured with oregano.

  1. Elderberry

It’s a flowery plant like honey suckle that’s edible when cooked. The elderberries from the plant are used to fight viral and bacterial infections. It also helps in the treatment of illnesses like influenza and skin infections. When combined with Echinacea, it can be used to treat viral infections and tumors, reduce skin inflammation and to improve mental health.

  1. Astragalus root

Astragalus root is a plant from the bean and legume family. Its medicinal properties have been used in Chinese medicine for years. The benefits include better immune system, prevention of colds and inhibition of skin diseases.

  1. Olive leaf

It’s, basically, the extract of olive leaf and comes with many proven benefits. It can be used to treat common cold and fight viral infections like pneumonia, chronic fatigue, hepatitis, shingles and tuberculosis. It can also be used to treat dental, ear and urinary tract infections.

  1. Honey & Lemon

Primarily, honey and lemons are used for taste. However, they offer some health benefits too. Honey is packed with antioxidants that help block free radicals while lemon contains Vitamin C which helps in boosting the immune system.

So, with all these benefits, the antiviral tea can be a great source of keeping many diseases at bay. Remember, however, that you should drink this tea only twice a week and not more. Just make sure that you try it the next time you catch cold!


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