Top 5 Stress and Anxiety reducing Herbs and Supplements


In the world today, millions of people are living in a state of serious stress and anxiety and accepting it as a normal occurrence of the modern life. Actually, it is perfectly normal and natural to experience stress and anxiety once in a while, but that doesn’t mean they should be a daily occurrence or a daily visitor that must be entertained everyday. Frequent visitation of stress and anxiety leads to a lot of unwanted health problems.

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Popping different pills every now and then is not going to fix your stress and anxiety, it only suppresses them for a while. However supplementing your body with the right amount and mixture of minerals, herbs, and vitamins can give your body the major strength it needs to fight anxiety and stress.

Don’t know where to start? Relax, this post is going to help you with the top supplements you need to take to help your body deal with stress and anxiety.

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Below are the top 5 supplements that have been confirmed by scientists to be very effective and safe for use.

1• Magnesium

What it is: This is a mineral that is naturally found in mostly fresh vegetables and nuts. Magnesium plays different roles in more than 200 biochemical processes that occur in the body, so this makes Magnesium an essential mineral for the body. So when a person’s body is Magnesium deficient, such a person is prone to a lot of stress and anxiety.

How it helps:  A Magnesium supplement is produced to help the body from being Magnesium deficient i.e. lacking magnesium. Which in turn makes such person stress and anxiety free.

2• L-Theanine

What it is:  L-theanine is an amino acid that is naturally found in green tea. L-Theanine can not be found in diets, it is usually found in green teas from the family of Camelia sinensis. It has some relaxation effect that has been proven to help get rid of stress and anxiety.

How it helps: Theanine helps to relax the body and mind naturally without any after effect like drowsiness. It can also be used during the day too,  it will sure help to calm your nerve and help you manage the stress better.

Please note: Theanine does not have an immediate effect, it is more of a consistent build up effect. The best way to enjoy it is to consistently take tea that is filled with L-Theanine.

3• Lemon Balm

What it is: Lemon balm has been in existence as a relaxing herbal plant for centuries now. It is formally otherwise known as Melissa officinalis and it is a herbal plant that is commonly used in the production of green teas and supplements. It is loved and used by many people that want a natural way to relax their mind. It usually causes mild drowsiness as a side effect in some people, but it is not so bad that it can not be used during the day.

How it helps: it helps in calming the brain, body, and mind, by introducing a sense of serenity and relaxation to them. It is also good for pre-bedtime routine because it puts you in a calm state that makes it easier to get sleep.

4• Kava

What it is: Kava is a natural ancient remedy that has always been in use by the Pacific islanders as a ceremonial drink. However, scientists have discovered in this modern day that the ancient remedy can help reduce stress and anxiety if it is used properly.

How it helps: the roots of the kava plant consists of natural compounds known as Kavalactones. These compounds have been tested to have some effects (psychoactive) on the brain, which in turn is a natural way to help the body reduce anxiety.

5• Vitamin B Complex

What it is: vitamin B complex is a supplement that contains the combination of the B Vitamins, some supplements contain all the eight Vitamin B while some just contain the major Vitamin B (B6 and B12). The benefits that can be gotten from the B Vitamins are very unlimited, but the one that is needed for people reading this post is, of course, its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, especially stress from work.

How it helps: they help get rid of symptoms regarding stress,  anxiety, and even depression. Low energy can contribute to a person’s stress level too, so Vitamin B complex helps to increase the human energy level and also improve the mental performance of the person.

The best way to take vitamin B complex is to follow the instruction written on the label of the supplement in order to avoid any overdose effect.


Although these supplements are sure and promise to be effective, be sure to consult your doctor before adding any of them to your medication. Your doctor might need to adjust any medication that might interact with the supplement.

5 stress and anxiety reducing supplements
5 stress and anxiety reducing supplements

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